Exploring The Coffee Powerhouse That Is Brazil

Coffee was first planted in Brazil in the year 1727. Since then, Brazil has been directly responsible for over a third of the world’s total coffee production. Brazil is synonymous with coffee. Its coffee can be applied to most variations when talking about espresso and dark roasts.

Brazilian green coffee wholesale can be found easily on the internet. This coffee is characterised by a mellow taste brought about by its low acidity. It also has a bittersweet as well as a chocolate taste as well.

Green coffee beans in Brazil are processed when they are dry. In other words, they are not washed. That is not to say that the beans are not washed at all. Intensity is not one of the talking points of Brazilian coffee beans as they are grown in areas that have a low elevation. This is the reason why dark roasts and Brazilian beans go hand-in-hand.

Brazilian Specialty Coffee

A movement started to get momentum in Brazil in the 1990s. It was already popular as the biggest supplier of coffee in the world and was then gaining fame as the producer of some of the best coffee. The ICA quota had set up a state purchasing of coffee. The market did nothing that could catalyze the production of superior-level coffee. The Specialty Coffee movement started in the United States and it was growing in numbers. The people involved in the movement sought to reward cultivators for superior coffee. 

The BSCA or the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association was formed and it started the Cup Of Excellence in 1998. It is now the world’s premier competition that tests coffee quality. Through this competition, regions such as Piata, Araponga, Piraju, and others regions have gained fame in producing some enviable coffee.

Growing & Harvesting Coffee: Extreme Climate

It is a fact that despite Brazil being one of the chief producers of coffee, the people involved in the cultivation of the same. This coffee is grown at lower elevations so the altitude is lower than ideal and on non-volcanic soils. They also have to work in extreme weather to keep the harvest consistent. In the year 2021, Brazil had the worst frost in five decades. This frost lasted from June to July. This was followed by drought.

The drought destroyed over 200,000 hectares of coffee and led to the loss of about 10 to 12 million coffee bags. Frosts are detrimental to the flower that forms the fruit, frosts can destroy an entire tree. This will add to the work of the farmers as it can take up to 3-4 years to replant the saplings and even more time before cherries can be harvested. 

What Are The Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans?

  • Bring Down Blood Pressure: Studies have proven that green coffee bean extract help in the significant reduction of blood pressure in people who are prone to hypertension. The blood pressure is brought down by the reduction of cortisol in the bloodstream. The chlorogenic acid is kept intact by the beans to keep the cortisol levels in check.
  • Reduction Of Blood Sugar: Green coffee bean extracts can bring down the level of blood pressure, and bring stability to blood sugar levels. The fact that green coffee beans are beneficial in the regulation of blood sugar can be a boon to millions of people. 
  • Boosts Energy: The caffeine in green coffee bean extracts offers a noticeable boost in energy. Unroasted beans have less coffee than they would have if they are roasted. Green coffee beans have higher levels of chlorogenic acid that heightens the cognitive function of the brain that can keep people alert and focused.

The Brazilian Arabica Story

Arabica coffee grown in the wild can grow up to 12 metres tall. They have white flowers and the fruit that grows on them is called a coffee cherry. Two beans in each cherry are washed and roasted to get what we call Arabica beans. Some cherries can also have one bean which is called peaberry coffee. Since they are rare, they are expensive. Brazilian is popular as being one of the top producers of this type of coffee. With about 38 million bags, it has a hand in about 37% of the world’s total Arabica production. Wholesale Arabica coffee beans can be found easily on the internet.

Taste of Arabica

The taste of Arabica varies on a lot of factors. The taste can be floral, it can be like chocolate or caramel, juicy, or fruity. It enjoys renown because it is of superior quality. It has a taste that is sweeter and smoother with subtle flavours and a tinge of harshness. Brazil is the place to be if you want to savour the grandeur of wholesale Arabica coffee beans.


Brazilan green coffee wholesale is available not only in Brazil but also on many websites that deal with coffee. Since Brazilian coffee is so popular, it can be found on almost every coffee website. It also offers a range of benefits such as deceleration of ageing, regulation of blood sugar as well as reduction of blood pressure among others.

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