Guide to Composite Bonding Teeth

Why is composite bonding needed?

Your smile is one of the distinct features that best reflects your personality and state of mind. A smiling face has no alternative when it comes to a job interview or a meeting with potential stakeholders for your business. Dentistry believes that your smile is an asset that is also a key to your happiness and mental well-being at the same time.

Composite Bonding Teeth have appeared as one of the prominent procedures of cosmetic dentistry that helps to keep your smile unaffected while taking part in fixing crooked teeth or optimising their alignment in an orderly manner. In comparison to the other cosmetic alternatives, composite dental bonding is highly popular for its capability of delivering sound aesthetic outputs for a long time.

Dental bonding becomes extremely essential for fixing a range of dental troubles and restoring the lost confidence of people. Although it is too difficult to believe, the truth is that dental health in the modern era is still one of the least discussed topics to which people hardly pay heed. In this informative blog, we have offered a peep into the process of composite dental bonding and when you should resort to it. Struggling to conceal the broken teeth, while smiling in public? Read this blog to come up with bespoke solutions to this problem.

5 problems that require dental bonding

In the era of advanced medication and disruptive technological gadgets, you no longer need to conceal your smile. Rather identify the 5 major dental troubles to protect your smile from fading away. Here is a sneak peek of the prominent dental problems that require urgent medical intervention.

  • Removal of the gaps between the teeth-

Millions of people can confidently reign over the world by the wide gaps between two teeth or more. As human beings are not created equal, most of us are not comfortable enough to flaunt the gap between our teeth and it often gives birth to a profound sense of insecurity. Do you think that the gap between your teeth is hindering the trajectory of your success? Composite Bonding Teeth can be the one-stop-destination for you and you can even take pride in your natural-looking smile. 

  • Stains-

Don’t you think in the world of social media and virtual reality, it is vital to us to pose for a great selfie with whiter teeth? Most often, we resort to the teeth whitening process that can instantly lighten the shades of teeth. Alas! Stubborn stains can even survive after a whole procedure of teeth whitening. However, there is nothing to lose hope for, the dental composite bonding method is there to aid you in vanishing the stains, preventing your pearly smile to cheer up the whole mood of you.    

Crooked teeth-

Crooked teeth are one of the greatest pangs to people these days as in social media profile pictures it becomes arduous to show a smiley face. In addition to that, the pain heightens when we are pushed to wear orthodontia for a long period. Instead, you can choose the most effortless procedure for dental bonding to skilfully hide the crooked portion or they are corrected for a brighter smile.      


Nowadays, our lifestyle factors and inclination of experimenting with different cuisine contributes to the discoloration of the teeth. Especially, the yellowish or greyish tinge remains even after a complete dental bonding and it is the biggest barrier in the way of expressing ourselves during talking or smiling, we are required to become extra cautious so that we can skip the judgmental eyes of the people around us.    

  • Reshaping or resizing the teeth-

We are not born similarly and our teeth are no exception. Are you too discontented with the shape and size of your teeth? You can undoubtedly try dental composite bonding for rectification of the alignment of your teeth.

Procedure for dental bonding

In comparison to the other cosmetic alternatives, dental bonding with the aid of composite materials is a relatively easier procedure of reforming the size and shape of the teeth in conjunction with outstanding performance. If you are delaying the dental bonding session with your dentist only out of fear of pain and bleeding, you must acknowledge that dentists keep using the anaesthetic gel during this session to numb your senses completely.

Before embarking on the journey of teeth bonding, always keep in mind that initial consultation with the dentist is mandatory for a comprehensive discussion regarding your pain points. In the course of dental bonding, the dentist makes sure that the natural shade of the resin mould is matching with the natural shade of the teeth. Composite resins are usually made up of durable plastic and glass to ensure that this bonding lasts for a long period. Taking into consideration all the features of this bonding process, dental bonding with the aid of composite resin is ideal for people who aspire to get a healthier smile along with affordability.        

Final Thoughts

Composite dental bonding is undoubtedly the right cosmetic treatment you can afford anytime, but still, it is essential to discuss with the dentist the budget and the other factors for greater convenience. Looking for cosmetic transformation? Contact immediately with general dentistry in Ottawa to get the detailed information regarding dental bonding treatment.

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