Hindi Janam Kundli: A Tool for Personal Growth and Success

Online Janam Kundli hindi is a best tool for Personal Growth and Success. Your mood swings, sudden life challenges, reactions to certain events, emotions and your confidence level are not random!

The position of some planets at birth plays an important role and greatly affects your life. These specific placements of planets influence your actions and decisions in life.

Now, the heart is about who you really are, or how you find out who you really are. Relax, the solution is here! Online Janam Kundli based on date of birth helps you to know your true personality traits. Janam Patrika Online is a great resource if you want to increase your self-awareness.

Get a prediction for Growth and Success in Online Janam Kundli Hindi

Online Janam kundli hindi shows the position of all the planets at the time of your birth. In addition, you will gain insight into how the planets affect your life, as well as the gifts and challenges you may face. as well as providing detailed insight into strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, etc. Know to discover how this Kundli reading can teach you about yourself!

The origins of Vedic astrology can be traced back to the Atharva Vedas, ancient Indian scriptures from around 1200 BC to 1000 BC. All information about Vedic astrology can be found in one of the earliest known Indian texts on astrology, Vedanga Jyotisha, commonly known as Jyotisha.

According to Vedic astrology, karma and luck are closely related. A complex part of Indian astrology is the birth chart or Kundli. Based on the exact time, date and place of your birth, the position of your planets will determine future events in your life. It determines events and predicts the future according to your Chinese zodiac sign.

Planets are read with the concept of karma in terms of their influence on previous lives. And their simultaneous influence on the present. In Hindu astrology, only planets up to Saturn are use. Other tools used for prediction are dasa, prashna, muhurta, varshafal, lunar nakshatra and harmonic chart.

By date of birth with the help of  Janam Kundali English, you can find all major planets and nakshatra alignments there to know their negative or beneficial influence on your life. Also, knowing about the doshas and types of doshas in Kundali is a determining factor. After Kundali analysis, you can get answers to all your questions including career horoscope, love horoscope, health horoscope and more.

Question and answers

Are you confuse about my career which field or stream will be good for me?

Based on the position of strong planets in the janam kundali English, looking at the 1st house indicating personality and the 5th house indicating education, the astrologer can suggest a career related to the person’s abilities. For example, Venus in the 5th house and in Vrishabh (Taurus), Tula (Libra) and Sinha (Leo) rashi can give a career in the IT sector, strong mercury gives a business career and strong Mars in Scorpio can make a person a doctor. well. Astrologers predict careers based on such combinations of planets and Rashi’s position.

Will I be successful in life in terms of my career growth?

If Mercury is karaka yoga or very benefic in horoscope, it is good for career overall. Again, if the 11th house, which is the house of gains, is occupied by benefic planets like Venus, one enjoys success in many things, including career. Dasha of the 10th lord is a time for career development.

I am facing problems in my current job, is it a good time in Janam Kundli English to change jobs?

The change of job should be properly time according to the comma. If the Dasha or planetary time period a person is passing through is from a good planet, then there is no harm in changing jobs. If they are under the Dasha of Ketu, Rahu or Shani and these planets are also not a well place, then again changing jobs is not recommend. They would face problems in their current job and also in finding a new one. He has to wait for the period of time recommended by the astrologer.

Will I be successful in business or should I just continue with my job?

Whether a person will do well in a business or service career can be ascertain by checking the position of Mercury, the position of the 10th house signifying career and also the 2nd house which is the house of wealth in the Online Janam kundli. Those who have Mercury in a strong position, have a good house and are aspect by favourable planets can do well in business. Jupiter and Venus’s positions are checks for business success and the strength of the 10th house and its lord determines success in a career.

Will I ever get a job abroad?

If the 12th house is occupied by a strong and well-placed Shani or Rahu, who are yoga karakas in the horoscope, and if the 2nd house of gains has benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus, there are opportunities to live and work successfully abroad.

Will I get benefits if I invest some money in the stock market?

Mercury is the planet that is connect to the stock market. He also needs to be lucky in handling and investing in stocks. So the 9th and 11th house of luck is also important. They must be full of benefic planets and well placed. Moon should also be quite strong to help make money through stocks.

Preparation for the state exam; will I get a government seat?

The planet Sun is what astrologers look for to answer this question. If the position of the sun in the horoscope is strong, exalted, in its own house or in a good house. If not affect by any evil planets, then the rise in government work is very high. The Sun signifies everything related to authority. Personality is also important for government functions – so the lord of the 1st house must also be strong.

I moved from my birthplace; will I get good career growth in online janam kundli hindi?

If the planetary time period know as dasha and antardasha belong to an auspicious planet, then relocation from the original place gives good results. Apart from this, 10th house and 10th lord strength is check whether he has a chance to get a job outside his native place.

Why am I having problems getting promote and when will I get promote?

For promotion, both the 10th lord and the 11th lord must be in ‘labh sthan’ or position of gains to get a promotion. Promotion requires many factors to be in the right order in the horoscope. If the Dasha or time one is undergoing is bad, even if one has worked hard. One may not be selected for promotion.

I have been trying to find a job for quite some time but I can’t find any, please suggest one?

Any delay in finding a job usually results only in the planet Saturn. Saturn or Shani is know to cause delays in marriage, career etc. if strong and also badly placed. If the 10th house of career is aspected by Saturn and the 10th lord is also weak and afflicted. Delays in work can be expected despite some efforts.

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