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What is the varicose veins treatment cost, and is it worth the money?

You are in the right place if you want to know the varicose veins treatment cost and whether it is worth spending the hard-earned money. Varicose veins though similar to thread or spider veins, prevalence is less than 20% among adults. Thread veins affecting 80% of people at some point in life appear on the face and legs, unlike varicose veins appearing only on the leg or feet. Though most of those with it have no issues, a few have serious complications needing the best varicose vein treatment UK. The ulcers, blood clotting, bleeding, and others cause a lot of discomforts, infection, and other issues. 

So, check out the varicose veins treatment cost and the many reasons why it is worth spending for it to not only reduce the effects of serious complications or provide an aesthetical appearance to seal or ablate them. 

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged veins close to the skin surface that look twisted and awkward and need cosmetic treatments. And for a few, it causes serious complications that need the best varicose vein treatment UK. Like the thread or spread veins, the precise cause of varicose veins is still unknown. But medical experts consider aging, standing, and walking for a long time to be the general causes of it. Veins that carry the oxygen-less blood back to the heart get damaged. It becomes enlarged and entangled, not functioning properly. Hence the waste blood needing oxygen does not flow back to the heart and fills the venules to cause varicose veins. 

What are the complications of needing the best varicose vein treatment in the UK?

Unlike thread veins on the face and legs, varicose veins occur only in the legs and sometimes in the feet. Though any vein close to the skin can become varicose, those in the legs are most affected by the high pressure applied during standing and walking. Hence it needs more care and treatment as it has many complications apart from not looking aesthetically appealing. A few serious complications that cause a lot of inconveniences, infection, and other issues include the following, among others. 


      • Veins that are dark blue or purple are also bulged and twisted to look like cords in the legs, causing a huge pain to be unable to do the routine work properly.

      • It may cause a heavy feelings like itching, burning, and throbbing in the legs apart from the muscle cramping and swelling of the lower legs.

      • Occasional bleeding occurs because of the bursting of the veins near the skin surface that needs instant medical attention.

      • Blood clots can occur on rare occasions, and heavy swelling and pain can be the signs for it to visit the doctor immediately.

      • Painful ulcers can form near the varicose veins, especially those near the ankles, and discoloration of the specific spot is a sign for it to visit the best skin clinic.

    What is the best varicose vein treatment in the UK?

    Though many varicose treatments like RF or radiofrequency ablation exist, the most advanced, latest, and trademarked VenaSeal is the best treatment. It has many advantages over RF ablation, like being fast, comfortable, and with less bruising and recovery time to return to regular activities quickly. VenaSeal treatment takes around 20 minutes, with fewer injections after an ultrasound scan of the varicose veins. Also, there is no need for any local anesthetic and also no need to wear compression stockings after the procedure. The medical adhesive cyanoacrylate used to seal or ablate the varicose veins is safe and has been used for many years with no side effects. Most of those taking this new varicose vein treatment UK can return to work immediately. 

    What is the varicose veins treatment cost, and is it worth the money?

    It is time for you to know the costs of varicose veins treatment, their best treatment, and whether to spend money on them. Since the precise cause of varicose veins is still unknown, many prevention measures exist, like not standing for a long time and others. But once you have varicose veins and if it causes many complications, it is time to have the best and new VenaSeal varicose vein treatment UK for it. The varicose vein treatment cost includes the following, among others. 


        • Initial consultation with an experienced doctor in the best clinic costs £195.00, including the color duplex ultrasound scan.

        • VenaSeal procedure on one leg costs £2,410, and for two legs, it costs £2,725.

        • Phlebectomies after VenaSeal cost £685.00 and £60.00 for stockings if required. 

      The above facts will convince you to have VenaSeal, the best varicose vein treatment UK; it is worth every penny as it could make the legs look normal and free of varicose veins and reduce complications to live a normal and healthy life. 

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