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Everything you need to know to build your modern house

Modern houses are increasingly chosen by new buyers. They are distinguished in particular by their flat roof. If previously these houses were reserved for architects, the construction and design costs have been reviewed to allow their houses to be accessible to everyone. Through this article, discover how to build your modern house.

Adopt a flat roof

The criterion that most defines a modern house is the context of its flat roof. Contrary to a traditional house where the roof is made up of framework and tiles, here, it is a slab that is installed and which makes it possible to accommodate the elements of insulation and sealing.

The finish of the roof can be gravel or vegetable according to your wishes but can also be imposed by the rules of co-ownership or by the PLU (local urban plan).

To carry out this type of roof, call on a professional in order to benefit from the guarantees of perfect completion.

Benefits of a flat roof

Flat roofs also have advantages.

  • First of all, from an ecological point of view, this type of roof makes it easy to install photovoltaic panels in order to produce your own electricity.
  • In addition, if you choose a green roof, you will benefit from better thermal insulation. The two solutions combined will make you realize substantial savings.
  • Another advantage of the flat roof is to benefit from an additional living space. Indeed, by adding railings and slabs on pedestals you can create a solarium, a vegetable garden, and a terrace to welcome your guests during summer evenings.

What are the other aspects of modern houses?

Besides its flat roof, the modern house included many features.

  • Thus, this type of housing has large bay windows that allow you to benefit from natural light. These bay windows are generally designed in a single block in order to fit perfectly into the facade. Depending on your location, the glazed surfaces will be arranged so that you can make the most of the view of your garden, or on the contrary preserve your privacy, without sacrificing brightness.
  • The facade is designed to find a rather cubic design. It is however possible to juggle with half-levels in order to bring different and staggered volumes. We find straight and clean lines.
  • The interior of the house is often made of large spaces letting in the light of the bay windows through all the rooms. In addition, the ceilings are high in order to keep a feeling of space. Thus, even if the measured surface is not necessarily large, it is the interior fittings that will be designed in order to enhance the space and obtain a functional and comfortable home.
  • On the furnishing side, again, nothing is left to chance. Indeed, the choice of furniture is important and must be done in such a way as to preserve large circulation spaces. For decoration, same thing, no overloading, piling up trinkets or anything else. We content ourselves with green plants and large paintings on the walls.
  • Outside, your modern house can be enhanced by inserting spotlights that will illuminate the building itself or highlight a water point in your garden such as a fountain or a pond.

Make sure you have building permission

If you absolutely want to build a modern house, be careful when choosing your land. Indeed, some municipalities prohibit all or part of their territory this type of housing. This is particularly the case if you find yourself near a site classified by the buildings of France.

To be certain of obtaining building permits, be sure to consult the local urban plan (PLU) or the land use plan (POS). If in doubt, you can contact the town hall’s planning department, which can provide you with information.

How to choose the right home builder?

Now that you know how to build a modern house, this article has surely made you want to take the plunge. However, it is now necessary to choose a home builder to carry out your project. It is sometimes difficult to know how to choose, especially if you do not know this field. So we will guide you on how to work with this company for modern construction.

Tips for choosing your home builder

General contractors can even take care of your project. It is a complex process to find a contractor who can carry out the construction of your habitat. You must have a clear idea of ​​what needs to be done. The ideal entrepreneur must have a clear idea of ​​your expectations.

A contractor must have the necessary skills and knowledge of all aspects of the construction of a building. You should also be able to get references for contractors and be able to see the quality of their work. For example, contractors who have been in business for many years are the best choice. Research construction companies, and compare different contractors.

Before making a decision, make sure you have checked the reviews of past customers. The most important aspect of choosing a construction company for your project is that you never have to pay any hidden costs afterward. Most reputable general contractors hire their own landscapers and subcontractors, giving you, the buyer, full control.

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